Good News!

A stem cell donor has been found for Tom. (Thank you to the anonymous donor! )

He is heading to the hospital now for treatment and will be there a month, possibly longer. We are all very excited and nervous. Because of COVID, he won’t be allowed to have any visitors. He wasn’t allowed to have visitors when he was hospitalized in May, either, but at least this time he has been able to pack all the things he needs — phone charger, socks, roasted cashews and a good book.

If you have his email address, you may send him an email (although he may not be able to reply immediately). I will try to keep updated information on this website, too.

By the way, the Bone Marrow Transplant unit at VGH is having its busiest month for stem cell transplants in its history right now. The doctors and nurses and other health care workers are working hard. Please remember to register as a stem cell donor. You could save someone’s life and it’s easy — just a cheek swab, mailed in. There’s a link on this site to information about registering.

This post was written by Tom’s sister, Maureen

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